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MECOOL is a well-known TV Box manufacturer and brand which is based in Shenzhen, China. The company has built a high quality management team with professional, creative, and enterprising spirit. The staff including hardware senior engineers, software engineers and engineering technicians has all kinds of professional qualifications in radio, TV and films.


MECOOL specializes in manufacturing and developing popular consumer electronics for global users. The engineers have done much research and work after they create the TV Box designs, so their products have gained a high reputation for small and elegant appearance and powerful function among the users.

MECOOL TV boxes are more than just for entertainment, they are actually mini PC devices and suitable for a wide range of productivity tasks. Perfect for individual viewing, families and relaxing with guests, MECOOL TV Box android units allow movie lovers and TV fans to see their favorite visual entertainment come alive in crystal-clear 4K resolution.

How people talk about MECOOL?

Mecool M8S PRO L is exactly the Youtube-Fans-Must-Buy model. Why? It is said to be the first TV Box that can play Youtube 4K Videos and Netflix HD videos online fluently. Fast, easy to use, the best way to convert your TV in a smart one based on Android OS.”

MECOOL KIII PRO features Amlogic S912 and DVB S2 + T2,  and it is exactly what you need for your 4K HD video life. We have reviewed many many TV Box models in the market, but it is seldom for us to see a model with DVB-T or DVB-SMECOOL is one of the companies that is devoted to making high quality TV Boxes for people worldwide. We have noticed that it is a gloden supplier of GearBest, and we believe in GearBest’s far vision.” by MiniPCNews


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