MECOOL M8S PRO W Firmware, S905W, 2GB + 16GB, Android TV OS, Voice Control

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Mecool M8S PRO W TV Box

As introduced before, MECOOL company has a hot model named Mecool M8S PRO W. We are glad to know that this model has a new version that comes with Voice Control.  MECOOL is the first oneamong China’s TV Box manufacturers that adopt voice control technology!

New firmware (OTA file for SD upgrade) for MECOOL M8S PRO W TV Box (update 20171017can be downloaded here.

Andriod TV OS and  Voice Control TV Box are spotlights of this box. We strongly recommend this model. Also check: Review Mecool M8S PRO W, this Voice Control TV Box comes with Andriod TV OS

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Firmware can be used to update your TV Box device. However, please note that firmware is usually suitable to a  specific hardware platform, and if you use it on another non-compatible device of TV box, you may brick your device. For TV Box with Amlogic CPU, you should know this useful tool: Amlogic USB Burning Tool.

Firmware upgrade with USB Burning Tool

This method is used for most firmware distributed online. If you have a single firmware file, normally an .img file or extension, you need to use another Windows tool called USB Burning Tool.  If for some reasons, your firmware is badly damaged, and can’t access the recovery mode, that may be the only way to unbrick your board. Follow the steps below.

Know more:
How to Download Amlogic USB Burning Tool
How to Install the Amlogic USB Burning Tool on your PC
Step by step! How to Use the Amlogic USB Burning Tool to Flash Firmware

  1. Download firmware file (normally .rar file).
  2. You may also want to install Moborobo to make sure you’ve got the right drivers.
  3. Extract USB_Burning_Tool (a .rar file) and click on the setup file (an .exe file) to install the tool


Read more at:
Step by step! How to Use the Amlogic USB Burning Tool to Flash Firmware


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